NRG Female Spring & Summer 2018 Programs U14

NRG Female Spring & Summer 2018 Programs U14

U14 Girls (YOB 2004 & 2005) – 13 & 14 years old

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Female Program Head Coach: Jenelle Kohanchuk

Jenelle Kohanchuk is a professional women’s hockey player in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, where she has been a member of the Toronto Furies since 2014, with a highlight of winning the Clarkson Cup that same year. Throughout her playing career, she was a member of the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Program from 2008-2017. At the National team level she represented Canada by winning Gold at the Four Nations Cup in 2013 and 2014, and a silver medal in 2016. She was a member of the Under-22/Development team capturing an exhibition series win vs. USA in 2010, as well as receiving Gold at the MLP/MECO Cup in Germany in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Her NCAA hockey career was attended at Boston University from 2008-2013, where she helped lead the Boston University Terries to Four Hockey East Championship titles and two Frozen Four appearances. She was named to the Hockey East All-Rookie team her freshman year, was part of the Hockey East All-star team in 2009, and was named to the Hockey East Second Team All-Star team her senior year, among winning the Hockey East player of the week award 12 times throughout her career. Jenelle is currently playing hockey overseas in the Swedish Women’s Hockey League (2017/18 season) with the MODO Hockey Club.


Elite U14 Female Semi Private On and Off-ice 2018 Spring/Summer Programs

Program Breakdown

– Head Coach Jenelle Kohanchuk

– 8 Week Program – June 18th – August 10th, 2018

– Program will run 2 times per week

– Cost $1325+gst

– Each program is limited to only 6 girls (U12 – 6 girls  & U14 – 6 girls)

– 32 sessions total

– 16 sessions on ice

– 16 NRG Fitness/Dryland workouts

– NRG High Performance Jersey

– NRG Workout Dri-Fit T-Shirt

– If you are interested or have more questions please call us directly at 204-783-9578


U14 Girls Program (June 12th – August 7th)  
1. Tuesday June 12th  – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
2. Tuesday June 19th  – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
3. Thursday June 21st  – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
4. Tuesday June 26th  – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
5. Thursday June 28th  – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
6. Tuesday July 3rd – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
7. Thursday July 5th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
8. Tuesday July 10th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
9. Thursday July 12th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
10. Tuesday July 17th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
11. Thursday July 19th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
12. Tuesday July 24th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
13. Thursday July 26th – NRG Fitness/Dryland 4:15-5:15pm and Ice time 5:45-6:45pm
14. Tuesday July 31st – Ice time 4:30-5:30pm and NRG Fitness/Dryland 5:45-6:45pm
15. Thursday August 2nd – Ice time 4:30-5:30pm and NRG Fitness/Dryland 5:45-6:45pm
16. Tuesday August 7th – Ice time 3:45-4:45pm and NRG Fitness/Dryland 5-6pm  




NRG Full Day Boys Hockey Camp 2018 – D.O.B 2006-2007

Program Description – NRG’s Full-day hockey camp located at the Seven Oaks Sports-Plex will allow players to get the edge over their competition just before tryouts. This comprehensive camp combines professional coaching emphasizing biomechanical correction, sports specific movements / energy systems, and body maintenance. Each day the athletes will arrive to the training facility excited to train with NRG’s professionals both on and off ice.

Dates: August 20-24, 2018

Program out-line:
– 10 hours of ice (2 hours per day)
– 5 hours NRG Fitness/Dryland Sessions (1 hour per day)
– 5 hours NRG Sports Activities (1 hour per day)
– 10 hours NRG Educational, Recovery and Rest Activities (2 hours per day)

Players: The NRG on-ice program will consist of edge work, power skating techniques, shooting, passing, stick handling and small area games.

Goalies: The goalies can expect to gain the following instruction:
– Skating and proper edge work
– Repetition of save selections and mechanics
– Angles and positional play
– Game situations and awareness

Each dryland training session will consist of key muscle group activation, core stability, movement patterns, and overall athleticism.

Location: Seven Oaks Sports-Plex

Schedule – Group A – Y.O.B 2006-2007  

8:30-9am – Drop Off 

9-10am – On Ice 

10:15-11:15am – NRG Sports Activities 

11:30am-12:30pm – NRG Educational, Recovery, Rest Activities, Lunch/Snack Time 

12:45-1:45pm – On Ice 

2-3pm – NRG Fitness/Dryland Session 

3:15-4:15pm – NRG Educational, Recovery, Rest Activities, Lunch/Snack Time 

4:15-4:45pm – Pick up 

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NRG Hockey Skills Academy (D.O.B 2007 – 2009)

Cost $299+Gst
– 6 week program
– 12 ice times
– NRG Hockey Jersey
– NRG Sponsorship Deal Package
– In-house physiotherapy and athletic therapy, massage and acupuncture. Direct Billing available at NRG

2018 Summer Program Schedule: Program will start July 10th and will end August 16th, 2018. Players will skate two times per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

NRG Hockey Skills Academy Group B (YOB 2007-2009) 

Ice time: 7:30pm-8:30pm – Tuesdays and Thursdays 

  1. July 10th
  2. July 12th 
  3. July 17th 
  4. July 19th 
  5. July 24th 
  6. July 26th 
  7. July 31st 
  8. August 2nd 
  9. August 7th 
  10. August 9th 
  11. August 14th
  12. August 16th 

** Full Week Boys Camp will run from August 20th-24th (Designed for players born from 2005-2012) 

Looking for an off ice component to compliment this on ice program only please check out our semi private training options…click HERE

**This is a brand new NRG program this year. The program will now include a combination of our previous years camps all in one (Power Skating, Puck/Stick Handling Skills and Shooting). The program will include 30-35 minutes of skill development work and 20-25 minutes of small area games, 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 games. The program will be fun and challenging at the same time. Practice plans are designed by our qualified on ice coaching team with the common goal in mind, to maximize hockey skill development for your athlete so they see results.


If you would want the total summer hockey package look at pairing up your NRG Hockey Skills Academy Program (July 10th – August 16th) with our Full Week Boys Camp August 20-24th, 2017

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