Our Team

Nathan Hatton – Head Strength Coach,

Nathan graduated from the U of M with a Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree in 2009. Nathan recently accepted his role as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness in January, 2017. Nathan has over 10 years of training and coaching experience with a wide variety of clients and athletes.

He works with many professional athletes in the NHL, AHL, and other various professional leagues over seas (Europe and Russia). Nathan also has over 10 years of on-ice coaching experience from the community to professional levels from both head and assistant roles. He has also worked with athletes from the grassroots level to the Junior/Elite level for a variety of different sports including but not limited to hockey, baseball, football, swimming, lacrosse and soccer. He also has plenty of experience and knowledge with middle age and older adults.

Nathan brings a well diversed and open-minded approach when working with athletes or the general population. Nathan is a very upbeat, confident, motivating and positive trainer. His program planning is designed to help the client achieve their goals in a safe, healthy and effective way. Any client or athlete will have success with Nathan if they work hard, have a good attitude and are willing to learn and get better. He encourages everyone to live a healthy balanced lifestyle in a way that is fun and suits the individual’s lifestyle or sport.

Nathan is responsible for training and mentoring other like-minded strength coaches and university students that work here at NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness.  Nathan wants to build a reputation and solid brand here at the Seven Oaks Sports Plex for years to come.