Impact Concussion Testing

Impact Concussion Testing Winnipeg,Manitoba, CA

We use ImPACT to help better determine recovery from concussive injury and assist in establishing when an athlete can safely return back to play.

Baseline testing is available for both individuals and teams and can be performed without physician evaluation.  Physician evaluation is required for post-injury concussion. ImPACT testing is typically paid for by the individual, with many insurance providers including Allsport providing coverage.


What is Impact?

ImPACT is Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. It is the most widely used concussion evaluation system that provides trained clinicians with a neurocognitive assessment tool and service. By using the latest advancements in technology and science, ImPACT is able to provide a service that has been medically accepted to help determine a safe return for athletes who have suffered a concussion.


Who uses it?

Currently more than 10,000 medical professionals have been trained by ImPACT on concussion management. Majority of teams in the MLB, NHL, NFL, and WWE are currently using ImPACT to help determine when it is safe for their athletes to return to action
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