2019 NRG Training – Tailor Goaltending Program

2019 NRG Training – Tailor Goaltending Program

Spring NRG Fitness Option: April 13th -June 26th
Unlimited NRG Spring Training $399+gst


Summer NRG Fitness Option: July 2nd – August 22nd
Unlimited NRG Spring Training $299+gst

Register Here: https://tms.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=5430&GroupID=2310909

How it works? 
Tailor Goaltending athletes can come in for training between 4-7pm Monday – Friday either in the spring or summer or both if they are doing both programs. Athletes have the option to come in as much as they want during the weekday evenings. We offer a flexible training schedule for the Tailor Goaltending athletes in order to accommodate the work that they will be doing on the ice with the program.


Program Design: 
NRG Programs will be designed by one of our fully certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches. The programs will have a strength component to them which will include various squatting, hinging, pulling and pushing exercises. The programs will also have a speed, agility and quickness component with lots of emphasis on lateral movement and change of direction drills. Other areas that we will focus on will be dynamic warms up, recovery routines, core work, activation and mobility work.