NRG Full Day Hockey Camp 2018 (DOB 2010-2011)


NRG Full Day Hockey Camp 2018 (DOB 2010-2011)

Program Description – NRG’s Full-day hockey camp located at the Seven Oaks Sports-Plex will allow players to get the edge over their competition just before tryouts. This comprehensive camp combines professional coaching emphasizing biomechanical correction, sports specific movements / energy systems, and body maintenance. Each day the athletes will arrive to the training facility excited to train with NRG’s professionals both on and off ice.

Dates: August 20-24, 2018

Program out-line:
– 10 hours of ice (2 hours per day)
– 5 hours NRG Fitness/Dryland Sessions (1 hour per day)
– 5 hours NRG Sports Activities (1 hour per day)
– 10 hours NRG Educational, Recovery and Rest Activities (2 hours per day)

Players: The NRG on-ice program will consist of edge work, power skating techniques, shooting, passing, stick handling and small area games.

Goalies: The goalies can expect to gain the following instruction:
– Skating and proper edge work
– Repetition of save selections and mechanics
– Angles and positional play
– Game situations and awareness

Each dryland training session will consist of key muscle group activation, core stability, movement patterns, and overall athleticism.

Location: Seven Oaks Sports-Plex

Schedule – Group C – Y.O.B 2010 & 2011 

8:30-9am – Drop Off 

9-10am – NRG Sports Activities 

10:15-11:15am – NRG Educational, Recovery, Rest Activities, Lunch/Snack Time 

11:30am-12:30pm – On Ice 

12:45-1:45pm – NRG Fitness/Dryland Session 

2-3pm – NRG Educational, Recovery, Rest Activities, Lunch/Snack Time 


3:15-4:15pm – On Ice 

4:15-4:45pm – Pick up 

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