When you go gambling at an online casino, you can find plenty of games to have some fun on. Although people used to like to physically operate the buttons of a game, the convenience of online gambling has been discovered by quite a few people. Online slot machines are therefore very popular and are available in all sorts of varieties. Furthermore, these are from multiple manufacturers, thus ensuring the diversity of themes used.

Playing Slot Machines

The most popular slot games to play online are probably slot machines. Although not the biggest, it is the most recognizable of the lot. This is because online casinos offer a variety of slot machines that can also be found in gaming halls and even pubs. These are often slots like Random Runner and the Big Timer Jackpot. These allow you to win with fruit symbols and have chances to win in both a basic game and an upper game.

Video slots

The biggest part of the slots assortment that can be found on the internet consists of video slots. This is by far the most popular category because of the extra game features you can enjoy. When you go to a casino to play video slots, you will find that they are decorated both graphically and sound-wise based on their theme. The extra features that you can enjoy are, in most cases, focused on special symbols. For example, wild symbols can be used as substitutes and Scatter symbols can payout prizes without the need for a pay line.

Furthermore, in most slots, you can count on free spins when you land enough. Finally, scatters and bonus symbols are often present. These allow you to start a bonus game in the style of the theme and win free prizes.
jackpot with dollar sign graphics

Online slot machines with jackpots

Not only slot machines and video slots are specifically interesting. What about jackpot slots, for example? When you play jackpot slots at an online casino, you can usually count on a progressive system. This means that jackpots increase based on the amounts played. Thus, the more popular a game is, the faster the size of the top prize will increase. You can see the jackpots by looking at the relevant games on an online casino’s website. Jackpot prizes can be won by spinning the right combination of symbols or playing out a jackpot slot bonus game.

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